I’ll take my coffee with some butter and oil…..

I’ll Take My Coffee with some butter and oil…..

Or not…

I love my coffee. My coffee loves me. The people that know me, love my coffee, because it makes me nice. I am not a morning person, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m actually kind a jerk in the morning. Like, a make your grandmother cry and not feel bad about it, kind of jerk. I’m such a jerk in the morning that we actually made a rule in my house, that nothing that my husband and I say or do before we’ve finished our first cup of coffee counts. That’s a marriage saver, really. I like my coffee light and sweet, with extra sugar and extra creamer. That doesn’t work with a paleo/primal lifestyle. At all. Sugar is a no-go, and creamer, even the super expensive coconut milk creamers are loaded with crappy ingredients. So, I’ve been really slow to give this habit up. At first, I changed from white sugar to raw sugar, then to coconut palm sugar, and a few weeks ago, I cut the sugar out of my coffee altogether. This is a big step for me. I’ve also been dialing back my creamer usage, but I was reluctant to give it up. My husband and I, however, made a deal with each other that when this bottle of creamer was gone, that was it. No more creamer. No more spending our money on crap “food,” made with crap ingredients, that left us feeling like crap. As the end of the bottle drew near, I found myself looking for an alternative that would still be paleo. I found some suggestions that involved raw egg, but I just can’t get comfortable with that idea yet. I’m no Rocky Balboa, after all. I also kept reading about “Bulletproof Coffee.” It involves taking their special coffee (I’ll use my Dunkies, thank you very much), and adding oil and butter. That’s all you have for breakfast, and not only is it supposed to taste good, it’s supposed to help you focus better, and lose fat…..hmmmmm…..First of all, that sounds repulsive to me, and my husband seemed absolutely disgusted when I told him about it. I kept reading blogs, though, where people swear that it’s delicious, and that it has helped them. So, the day that I found myself without creamer, rather than attempt to drink my coffee black (ewwwwwww), I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t have MCT oil, but a lot of people substitute coconut oil, so I just used that. I also only had salted butter, so imagining that using that would be even worse, I just left it out. I threw 2 TBS coconut oil, with my coffee, into a warm blender and blended it until it looked a bit frothy. I poured it back in my cup, and tried a sip. It was….tolerable. The next day, I bought some unsalted butter, and gave it a whirl….still not good. I didn’t notice any noticeable difference in my energy, either. So, do any of you drink your coffee like this? Am I doing something wrong?? Do any of you have any suggestions for ways to make my coffee taste delicious without resorting back to chemical and crap filled creamer??


3 thoughts on “I’ll take my coffee with some butter and oil…..

  1. I read about that coffee as well, but was hesitant to try it, now that you did I don’t think I’m gonna bother. A little bit of cream and real sugar (if you can honestly make it a small amount) shouldn’t mess you up too much in your primal life, hey even Mark (marks daily apple) drinks his coffee that way!

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