You know what’s awesome?

You know what’s awesome? It’s awesome when your house doesn’t burn down….. You know what else is awesome? The firefighters that keep your house from burning down….

Here’s the view from our daughter’s nursery…

fire, firefighters, heroes, California fires

Here in Southern California, fires are a pretty common occurrence. Especially on base. I’ve never lived on base, but usually you can see the fires that are on base from in town. At the very least, you can see and smell the smoke. We’ve even had classes cancelled at teh school that I used to work at before, because of the poor air quality as a direct result of the fires. Never have I had one this close to me, or to my home, before. This one started in the backyard of the house directly across the street from mine. As soon as I saw the smoke, I called 911, and the fire department was really quick to respond.  They were there within minutes, and at work to find the fire and put it out. After I called the fire department, I sent a text to my best friend, just to make sure that my bases were covered in the event that we needed to evacuate, and then I sent a text to my husband to let him know. Luckily, the fire department was able to get the fire extinguished really quickly and we were safe. They told us that this fire ignighted from the brush in someone’s back yard, so if you happen to live in an area where the fire danger is high, do yourself, your neighbors, and the fire department a huge favor, and clean up any dead brush on your property. It could make the difference between a fire starting, or spreading, and will, at the very least, make the jobs of these amazing fire fighters a bit easier

firemen, fire fighters, fire, California, fire, fire trucks, fire men, fire fighters, heroes

How awesome are firefighters though?


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