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I don’t have any before after pictures to show you for this, because I didn’t have some hugely dramatic transformation. I did however, have enough of a change to boost my confidence. Growing up, my skin was flawless. I didn’t break out in high school, and my complexion was something that got me lots of compliments. When I hit college, however, that changed. Looking back, this change coincides with the start of some of my health problems. My face started breaking out, first occasionally, in tune with my hormones, and then more often. I tried product after product to fix it. During this time, I had a few facials, and the comments were always the same, “Your skin is so dehydrated, and it overproduces oil to compensate.” Okay, great, lets get some more moisturizers then! It didn’t help. It got to the point where I just thought that I was going to have to live with breakouts.

When we switched our eating habits, things started to clear up with my skin. I’d guess that this was partly due to the fact that I was able to hydrate more effectively. Fruits and vegetables, after all, are largely made up of water. As I stopped taking the prescription medications, it improved even more. Now, I’m not going to say that my skin is flawless, or that I never get blemishes any more, because on occasion, I do, especially if my eating habits start to slip up.

This has, however, made me take a look at the products that I put on my skin, and the ingredients in them. It seems like most of these products are chemically engineered to create skin problems. Face washes dry out your skin, so that you need to use moisturizer, moisturizers contain chemicals to cause wrinkles….ect. I have started to make some changes already, I make my own makeup remover and conditioner (both of which are totally inexpensive and easy to do), and eventually plan to try the oil cleansing method for my face. I would love to try Primal Life Organics, but that’s just not in the budget at the moment.

Have any of you changed your beauty routines as a result of changing your eating habits? Anyone have any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Skin Stuff

  1. Interesting, I just bought Rosehip oil for my face. I have never been able to take to the way most products make my skin feel. The cleanser I do have is a natural one but prob still has some chemicals. As such I don’t use it every day. I actually have pretty nice skin and am aging well apparently so I’m not convinced products have anything to do with this and maybe it’s more a combo of genetics and environment. What do you make, your products from?

    • I had been using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for conditioner, and honey as a face wash, but I wasn’t loving either. I switched to a natural shampoo and conditioner and a coconut milk based face wash. I’m struggling to balance my desire to reduce the chemicals I use with my own vanity. 😉 I do make my own toner, using just a bag of green tea. I steep it in some hot water for a few hours, let it cool, and apply it each day with a cotton ball. A lot of people swear by the no-poo method of hair care, but there’s an adjustment period that I just can’t seem to get through.

    • Oh, and I make my own makeup remover, using olive oil and witch hazel. For my skin type, I like 60% witch hazel, 40% olive oil. I wet cotton balls with the solution, and wipe my face. I keep repeating until the makeup is gone. (If my mascara is being really stubborn, I’ll use a q-tip with the solution). Then I use a clean, dry cotton ball to go over my face once more to pick up and extra oil. It’s great because it gets rid of everything and moisturizes all in one.

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