A few weeks ago, I posted about the sanity saver that is baby wearing. In that post, I mentioned that Zulily had an amazing deal on Ergo Baby Carriers recently. I ordered one, and I promised to give my thoughts when I got it. I had heard from other moms and read lots of blogs where the Ergo Carriers are highly recommended. I was still a bit skeptical, though. I mean, honestly, how much different could it possibly be from the one I already had? Turns out it’s quite different.

The day I got it, I thought I’d test it out by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors. It turns out that the carrier is actually easier to use than my old one. It also has options. I can carry her on my front, my back, or my hip. I’ve tried the front carry, and the hip carry so far. My little one, even at 8 months, is still so little that I’m entirely comfortable with her on my back yet. (Although I’m sure she will love being able to see everything). The front carry is great. It’s so comfortable. The shoulder straps and the waist belt have so much more padding than my old carrier. My husband noticed a difference as well. I do think that I need to invest in the teething pads though, since she keeps trying to chew on the straps. The hip carry didn’t feel so secure to me, but it could be because of her size, or simply because I did something wrong when I put it on. (That’s the more likely cause…). I love that the carrier has a hood that I put over her head if I need to, and a storage pocket in the front that is easily accessible while I’m wearing her. It came in handy when we went out mini golfing. Ergobaby photo(17)Over all, I’d definitely give the Ergo Baby two thumbs up. I got a fantastic deal on mine, but I can see why people would pay retail price for these. They are definitely worth it, and definitely much easier on my back than the other one I had.


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