Paleo, there’s an app for that….

While it’s not very cave person like, we live in a world full of technology. In some ways, it’s a tremendous burden, keeping us always connected to the outside world, and preventing us from just being in the moment, but in other ways, it’s so unbelievably helpful. This blog, for example, is a direct result of technology. There are also a wide variety of smart phone apps that can help make navigating paleo much easier.

myKitchen from the Food Lover’s Primal Palate This app has loads of their recipes that you can search and save. You can create meal plans, menus and generate shopping lists. There is an ad when this app loads, but that’s because it’s free.

Caveman Feast from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
This app is beautiful, has a lot of recipes that are broken down by category. You can save recipes, but there isn’t a search feature on this app. I paid $.99 for it, but I think it’s regularly $2.99

This next one isn’t a paleo app, but it’s a great app if you cook. It’s called KitchenDial, and it’s an app to figure out how many of one measurement are in another measurement. For instance, if you need to know how many cups 7 tablespoons is, or how many tablespoons are in an ounce (or 10) of something, this app will answer that for you. It’s also free, and so helpful.

There are a bunch that I don’t have that look really helpful, like the Fast Paleo app for $.99, or the NomNom Paleo iPad app for $5.99.

I love having these recipe apps on my phone because sometimes, I forget to write something down on my list, or I forget my entire list at home when I go to the store. Other times, I get to the store and something is on sale, so I change the menu, or I think that I can just buy a bottle of salad dressing, but when I look at the ingredients in them, decide that it’s better for me to make my own. These apps keep me from having to make two trips. Are there any apps that have made your lives easier?

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