The rest of the family

When I was growing up, I didn’t like dogs. I thought they were smelly, and the are always in your face, either jumping on you or licking you. I just didn’t think that I was a dog person. My husband, however, is a dog person. He’s always had dogs, and probably always will. There are a lot of great benefits to having dogs, but I still wasn’t interested.


Then, we met Batman. Batman didn’t have a name when we met him, but immediately, even before we decided that we needed him, we named him Batman. They say that you don’t pick your dogs, but that they pick you. This was clearly the case with Batman. Batman is my little buddy. When I first got sick, my husband was working out of the country. Batman was by my side through all of it. It sounds silly, but he took good care of me.

Baby Batman

A few years after getting Batman, we stopped by an animal shelter. Before we went in, I told my husband that we could not get a pit bull. I have met a few pit bulls, and they have all been sweet, but California has stupid laws and so finding a place to live with a pit bull is nearly impossible. Then we met Daphne. All of the other dogs were jumping and barking, and Daphne just walked up the end of her cage, sat down, and when I went over, she gave me kisses on the hand. I showed her to my husband, and we had a shelter employee bring her to the play area so that we cold play with her. She was a giant bundle of love, even chipping my husband’s tooth because she was so excited to meet him. Everyone at the shelter seemed to be in love with her, but because of her breed, none of them could adopt her. As it turned out, Daphne had been in the shelter for too long. The employees were able to fudge some paperwork once and extend her stay, but her time was running out. She was scheduled to be euthanized two days later. I started sobbing. I couldn’t begin to understand why such a sweet, loving, playful dog needed to die. My husband and I agreed to adopt her, and that we would figure out the rest as it came up. So far, we haven’t really had any issues. Once potential land lords meet her, they have no problem with her. She is a lover, not a fighter, and afraid of pretty much everything, including the vacuum cleaner.Daphne

I was worried about how they dogs would do with the baby, but they have been wonderful. She loves them, and they are very patient with her when she plays with them. If she starts to cry and I am not in the room, they will rush to find me and alert me to the situation. Now that we have them, I cannot imagine a life without dogs. They truly are wonderful. Batman and Daphne


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