Feeding the Baby During the Move

Way back in one of my first posts, I talked about my inability to breast feed, and what I do instead. Well, the formula that I make is supposed to be made fresh every day, or every other day.  That’s not going to be possible to do while we’re driving across country during our move. One of my biggest concerns, of course, is how to feed the baby along the way, without compromising the quality of her food. So, I’ve been making extra formula, and freezing it in breast milk storage bags. I’ve laid the bags flat, thinking that they will take up less space in the cooler that way. Each bag has about one bottle’s worth of formula. formulaWhat you can’t see, is that there is another stack behind this one. In all, this is about 10 days worth of food for the baby. My hope is that with enough ice, this will work for the entire trip. I’ve heard from other mothers who have done this while traveling, but not from anyone who has done it during an entire cross country move. We’ll see what happens. We do have an overnight stop planned around the half way point, where I’ll be able to reassess the situation if need be, and I can make more formula if I have to, but right now, this is the plan.


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