Spreading the word….

My husband is an wonderful advocate for Paleo. He loves telling people about how we eat, how it’s affected us, and how delicious it is. A lot of times, though, when he gets to the part about what we don’t eat, people’s eyes start to gloss over. Other times, people immediate start to question the entire thing. “If you don’t eat all of those things, what exactly do you eat??? Do you just eat twigs and berries and branches all the time??” I, on the other hand, am not so vocal in my approach. Maybe it’s a bit sneaky on my part, but I let the food speak for itself.

The other day, for example, my husband offered for us to cook dinner for his family. He wanted me to make buffalo chicken nuggets, (I’ll post a recipe for these bad boys as soon as I get around to measuring the ingredients) with dill dip. Now, in my husband’s family, cooking is not a task to be taken lightly. These people CAN COOK. I have never, never eaten something at any of their gatherings that wasn’t amazing. I, on the other hand, could burn water when we first got married. So, this task was a bit intimidating, to say the least. Not to mention, I was making something Paleo (although very much a cheat food in my book) for people who seem to be completely uninterested in Paleo.

Challenge Accepted.

When I was finished cooking, I could sense some reluctance from everyone to try the chicken. I think that when you tell people what paleo is, they expect the food to be gross. My husband, however, got everyone to try some, and they all liked it. Most of them came back for more. (WIN!!) What is an even bigger victory to me, however, was the conversation that I had with his sister when she tried some later that evening. She asked if the chicken was breaded, and I explained what I had used to make it. She then asked if we were gluten free, so I started to explain Paleo to her. She was genuinely interested, so I pulled out my Paleo cookbooks for her to take a peek at.  She found a lot of recipes that she wanted to try, and was asking me questions about where to buy certain ingredients, and whatnot. I’m not sure if she will actually give it a shot or not, but the fact that we were able to have a discussion about it, is a win for me.

I certainly don’t expect everyone to convert to Paleo, but it works for us, and any time that people are open and receptive to that  is pretty awesome.

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