All I wanted for Christmas Was…..


All I wanted for Christmas was some more Paleo cookbooks. So many great ones came out right around the holidays, and I really just wanted to get my hands on them! I was very fortunate to get two new books and a really nice cookbook stand. (I was really excited about that, too, since the whole open the cookbook on the counter and then pile some heavy things on it to get it to stay open thing was getting old….) I had a made a wishlist that had probably a dozen or so books on it, figuring that some of the books might be more difficult to find than others and I received Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo of the Balanced Bites blog and Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong of the Nom Nom Paleo blog.

Both books are awesome. The first portion of Practical Paleo is very technical. It goes into a whole lot of medical detail, but in a completely understandable way. Actually, as I was reading the part about autoimmune disorders, a light bulb went off in my head. The bladder condition that I have, interstitial cystitis, isn’t classified as an autoimmune disorder, but when I read the description, it sounded to me like it should be. So, if IC is that similar to an autoimmune disorder, it would make perfect sense to me why making the switch to a Paleo lifestyle made such a dramatic improvement to my health. There are some foods, such as dairy, nuts, seeds and eggs that are not recommended for people with autoimmune disorders that I am still consuming. I haven’t noticed any problems with these foods, but I also haven’t eliminated them.(In all fairness, I didn’t think that grains were a problem for me either until I stopped eating them). I definitely think that at some point, though, I need to eliminate them for awhile just to make sure. This book also includes 30 day meal plans for all sorts of different conditions, throid conditions, autoimmune disorders, gut health, blood sugar regulation, just to name a few. (For what it’s worth, I did show my family the section about blood sugar regulation and the meal plan in case they were interested. They weren’t). There are also guide on how to chop different veggies, and a ton of other helpful charts and guides. My only complaint would be how many of the recipes use lemon. With Interstitial Cystitis, citrus foods cause a reaction, so it’s off limits for me. I’ll have to work on finding a substitution.

Nom Nom Paleo is full of beautiful recipes that look and sound delicious. There are so many on the must try list. The book is also loaded with fun cartoons, and funny stories. I especially love the pictures depicting Michelle’s love for cake growing up. 🙂 I also love that Michelle and Henry are parents. As a mom, it’s important that I know that I am cooking nutritious meals that are also kid friendly. I would definitely recommend both of these books.


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