Paleo Bakehouse

I’ve seen rave reviews of Paleo Bakehouse all over the internet. Seriously, all over the place. Every time I see them, I think to myself, man those cookies look delicious. Not only do they look amazing, but I can pronounce and identify every single ingredient in them. That is awesome. Sure, there are lots of recipes out there to make my own cookies, but sometimes, (like right now when I can no longer see my feet and I don’t have a kitchen of my own) it’s just nice to have someone else make the cookies for me.

Right now, they have an active kickstarter campaign going. Their goal is to raise money to fund a commercial kitchen in Miami. This kitchen would allow them to be certified as 100% gluten free. It would allow them to get their products into national retailers, and ship internationally. (More cookies for everyone!!!!!!!) It would also allow them to develop more products. (Again, I say, “MORE COOKIES FOR EVERYONE!!!))

So, I am asking you guys for some help here. If you can contribute, please do so. If you can help spread the word, via social media, please do so. If they don’t meet their goal, they don’t get any of the money raised, which would be a huge bummer. They are also offering tons of fantastic incentives for your donations, which you can read about here. One of which is a  Paleo Bakehouse E-Recipe Book, which is going to be full of recipes from some amazing paleo bloggers! Yummo! So, let’s all work together and help them make some cookies!


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