Jamberry Nails Revew

A few weeks ago, my sister in law invited me to her online Jamberry party. I have been invited to a few of these in the past, but to be honest, I wasn’t really all that interested. I love the idea of my finger nails looking great, but I am a mom. I live in the real world. If I sit down to polish my finger nails, it is a fool proof way to get one, or both of my children to suddenly and urgently need something from me. Even if they are sleeping, they will wake up and need me. Every time. And I certainly don’t have the disposable income to be shelling out to go to the salon and get real manicures all the time. They were mailing out samples for this party, though, so I figured I would try one.

Jamberry is bit different, though. They call them wraps, but they basically look like really fun stickers for your finger or toe nails. You take a wrap, cut it to slightly longer than you need, grab it on the end with a pair of tweezers (or their fancy application tool), heat them up for a few seconds with your hair dryer (or their fancy heat tool),  set it on your nail, and press down to set it. Then you can trim, or file off any extra and apply a bit more heat. It sounds complicated, but it’s really pretty easy. I was able to an accent nail on each hand in a few minutes. I would guess that you get faster the more you do it. They last longer than nail polish would, around 2 weeks for each application. Each set costs $15 (although they sometimes offer deals), and you get about 2-3 manicures per set. So, even if you only got 2 manicures, you’re paying $7.50 per manicure. That’s significantly cheaper than a trip to the nail salon, but about the same price as a good bottle of polish, which would get you way more than 2-3 manicures. So, if it’s money that you would spend anyway, I would definitely check it out. They have a ton of different styles and they really are fun. So, while I can pay shell out the money for them all of the time, l definitely be sporting some once in awhile.


If you are interested in learning more about them, or what to give them a try, check out this page.

(PS. Nobody asked me to write the review or to post their link. If you buy anything, you’re just buying from a friend and a really great mom. I get nothing out of the deal.)

Working out While Knocked Up…..

The general consensus among doctors is that if you worked out before you got pregnant, you can keep doing whatever you were doing while you are pregnant. I’ve been completely honest about this, back in December, when I got pregnant, I was way off track. The most exercise I was doing was lifting non-Paleo cookies to my mouth and eating them. That’s not awesome for me, and certainly not awesome for the tiny human I’m growing. I’ve cleaned up my eating habits quite a bit since then. (I’m not going to lie, though, I’m human, and sometimes I eat crap that I know isn’t going to make me feel my best). Now that the snow and ice have also melted, I’ve started walking again. Now, I wasn’t doing this before I got pregnant, but my doctor gave me the green light. They don’t advise going from couch surfing all the time to crossfit or running marathons during pregnancy, but taking some walks is pretty safe. So, I try to get out as often as I can for a walk. I plop our little one in her stroller, and we go. It’s nice because she loves it just as much as I do. We’ve taken walks together since I got the okay from my doctors after having her, so she’s used to be outside and getting some fresh air. I love it, too, because not only do I feel like I’m taking care of myself, and the new baby, but I feel like I’m teaching her healthy habits from the start. wpid-img_20140414_190451236_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20140411_165344604_hdr.jpgwpid-img_20140411_165420381.jpg

The before pictures

This post isn’t pretty, but I want to share with you a bit more about my Paleo journey. I have already talked about the dramatic improvements to my health in my first post. Those improvements to my health are why I tried paleo, and why it has become a lifestyle for me. It’s not a diet, or a temporary thing, this is how I live, and it’s because I feel better, and my husband feels better. It’s because I was able to stop taking 17 pills a day, and start participating in my life. With that said, I would be foolish not to acknowledge that there have been physical improvements as well. So, here goes…..

Before Paleo

This picture was probably taken around my heaviest. There aren’t many pictures of me at this weight, but I was close to 200lbs at one point. At this point, I didn’t drink soda, and we ate a diet pretty close to what doctor’s recommend. We were eating whole grains, and watching portions, but in hindsight, I’m sure we weren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t gaining any weight at this time, but I wasn’t losing any either. I was far from healthy.


In this picture, I was the thinnest that I had ever been as an adult. I was about 170lbs. I was eating 1200 calories a day, obsessing over my food choices, working full time, and working out twice a day. While I certainly looked better, I didn’t feel better.

IMG_2969This was taken about two months before we started eating paleo. At this time, I was taking 17 pills a day, never ventured far from home, just in case my health took a turn for the worst, and while I was working out almost daily, that was about all I was managing to do. I was spending a lot of my time in bed, or laying on the couch, resting.

IMG_0535This picture was taken 2 weeks after I had the baby. Not working out, not counting calories, and, more importantly, not taking any medications. I weigh less now than I ever have as an adult, and I finally feel like I’m participating in my life. I understand that Paleo isn’t for everyone, but it is for me. Yes, paleo changed my appearance, but more importantly, paleo changed the quality of my life in some really great ways.

Skin Stuff

I don’t have any before after pictures to show you for this, because I didn’t have some hugely dramatic transformation. I did however, have enough of a change to boost my confidence. Growing up, my skin was flawless. I didn’t break out in high school, and my complexion was something that got me lots of compliments. When I hit college, however, that changed. Looking back, this change coincides with the start of some of my health problems. My face started breaking out, first occasionally, in tune with my hormones, and then more often. I tried product after product to fix it. During this time, I had a few facials, and the comments were always the same, “Your skin is so dehydrated, and it overproduces oil to compensate.” Okay, great, lets get some more moisturizers then! It didn’t help. It got to the point where I just thought that I was going to have to live with breakouts.

When we switched our eating habits, things started to clear up with my skin. I’d guess that this was partly due to the fact that I was able to hydrate more effectively. Fruits and vegetables, after all, are largely made up of water. As I stopped taking the prescription medications, it improved even more. Now, I’m not going to say that my skin is flawless, or that I never get blemishes any more, because on occasion, I do, especially if my eating habits start to slip up.

This has, however, made me take a look at the products that I put on my skin, and the ingredients in them. It seems like most of these products are chemically engineered to create skin problems. Face washes dry out your skin, so that you need to use moisturizer, moisturizers contain chemicals to cause wrinkles….ect. I have started to make some changes already, I make my own makeup remover and conditioner (both of which are totally inexpensive and easy to do), and eventually plan to try the oil cleansing method for my face. I would love to try Primal Life Organics, but that’s just not in the budget at the moment.

Have any of you changed your beauty routines as a result of changing your eating habits? Anyone have any recommendations?