Jamberry Nails Revew

A few weeks ago, my sister in law invited me to her online Jamberry party. I have been invited to a few of these in the past, but to be honest, I wasn’t really all that interested. I love the idea of my finger nails looking great, but I am a mom. I live in the real world. If I sit down to polish my finger nails, it is a fool proof way to get one, or both of my children to suddenly and urgently need something from me. Even if they are sleeping, they will wake up and need me. Every time. And I certainly don’t have the disposable income to be shelling out to go to the salon and get real manicures all the time. They were mailing out samples for this party, though, so I figured I would try one.

Jamberry is bit different, though. They call them wraps, but they basically look like really fun stickers for your finger or toe nails. You take a wrap, cut it to slightly longer than you need, grab it on the end with a pair of tweezers (or their fancy application tool), heat them up for a few seconds with your hair dryer (or their fancy heat tool),  set it on your nail, and press down to set it. Then you can trim, or file off any extra and apply a bit more heat. It sounds complicated, but it’s really pretty easy. I was able to an accent nail on each hand in a few minutes. I would guess that you get faster the more you do it. They last longer than nail polish would, around 2 weeks for each application. Each set costs $15 (although they sometimes offer deals), and you get about 2-3 manicures per set. So, even if you only got 2 manicures, you’re paying $7.50 per manicure. That’s significantly cheaper than a trip to the nail salon, but about the same price as a good bottle of polish, which would get you way more than 2-3 manicures. So, if it’s money that you would spend anyway, I would definitely check it out. They have a ton of different styles and they really are fun. So, while I can pay shell out the money for them all of the time, l definitely be sporting some once in awhile.


If you are interested in learning more about them, or what to give them a try, check out this page.

(PS. Nobody asked me to write the review or to post their link. If you buy anything, you’re just buying from a friend and a really great mom. I get nothing out of the deal.)